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Biogas Blowers & Compressors

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EVEREST Biogas Blowers | Compressors based on Positive Displacement Air Blower principle, have been specially developed for pumping of Biogas. These are generally used in biogas lines to boost the gas pressure to meet the burner input demand. These are generally vertical flow type in construction, i.e. suction top & discharge at bottom, so as to prevent any accumulation of corrosive matter inside the casing. Since they operate in closed loop, suction and discharge silencers are generally not required. Special material of construction, lubrication and sealing arrangements make them ideal choice for Biogas boosting applications. Provision for a vacuum switch is provided at the inlet of the blower, so that incase the biogas generation falls below the pumping speed of the blower, the blower trips and this prevents vacuum overloading. Similarly provision for a pressure switch is provided on the discharge line to safeguard the blower against excessive discharge pressures.