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With the rapid advancement in technology and continuous new developments it becomes very necessary for EVEREST to introduce a TSG for the benefit of its customers.

New technology introduction and advancements which lead to continuous reduction in cost of vacuum as a utility to the overall production process of our customers leading to lower overall conversion cost is the MOTTO of this vertical.

We have a strong team of dedicated engineers with a combined overall experience of 35 years in design, development & manufacturing of Dry Vacuum Systems for the industry for the most challenging applications.

TSG group has continuously been working on development of sustainable eco-systems with least carbon footprint of vacuum pumps in the industry.We acknowledge and appreciate deep integration with our customers from the initial design stage itself to integrate the vacuum requirements into their processes.

Currently TSG is actively working on

  • Replacement of Wet Vacuum Systems with completely DRY systems in Chemical, Pharma & Process industry in applications such as drying, distillation and Solvent Recovery. These Dry systems are typically totally pollution free with capability to condense vapour at the discharge of the vacuum system thus ensuring clean discharge into atmosphere.
  • Low Temperature & Low Pressure Evaporation: Another Big project vertical on which we are presently operating is design, development & prototyping of a compact skid mounted compact low temperature & low pressure evaporation technique that can be adopted in all process industries wherever evaporation is required or concentration is being done. This concept eliminates the requirement of any external heat source and thus works towards elimination of heat exchangers and cooling towers thus saving greatly in conversion cost for processes.
  • Many more challenging applications are undertaken from time to time as per client needs.