Vacuum Systems for Rough Vacuum Applications in Food Industries

Discover how our Dry Screw Vacuum Pump is used for Food Industry

Everest Vacuum System for Rough Food Industry Applications

In the recent decades the food & beverage industries has undergone widespread changes from Small to Middle and Large Firms. The Ensuing of food processing has created many applications that use Vacuum Pumps and compressors. The growing importance of convenience food & Extended shelf life has also led to the increased demand of the vacuum system.

Vacuum Pumps in today’s dates are being used for various processes in the food industries like

    • Powder/ Bulk Transfer
    • Chocolate Production( for Pick & Place Operation)
    • Dairy Processing.
    • De-Odourization of Oils & Fats( DEO Of FFA)
    • Various Types of Dryers like :
  • Vacuum Tray Dryer( For De Hydration)
  • Vacuum Band Dryer
  • Vacuum Freeze Dryer
  • Deep Frying
  • Powdered Milk/ Milking Systems.

Over the years Everest has supplied various vacuum systems to Small as well as Multi National Companies for their Domestic as well as International Installations. We are extremely Glad and Honoured that Giants Like Krafts Food, GSK Food and Nestle are using Everest Vacuum Systems in their Worldwide Factories.