Mechanical Vapour Recompressors (MVR) Process

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Mechanical Vapour Recompression Process

Everest Vacuum Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) evaporation process involves taking low-pressure water vapor and compressing it to generate energy. By using this MVR design allows for minimum operating cost and maximum uptime. In this design, you will get a small volume of vapor at high temperatures and pressure. The principle behind the mechanical vapor recompression is very simple. It is like a heat exchanger, the MVR recompression system work with low boiling point elevation and where larger heat transfer surfaces can be used to low temperature. The heat transfer Area is calculated if the Heat Transfer Coefficient is given and vice-versa. This technology can treat effluents that are not successful to treat by the most conventional techniques because of their temperament.

As there is an increased need for Energy/ Steam conservation, the subject of “Mechanical Vapor Re-Compressor” has picked up a great pace in the last few years. Everest Vacuum is the only Indian company offering MVR Blowers with a successful track record of over 10 years. These MVR Blowers can be used in “Recovery of latent heat from the Steam Vapors” in various Evaporators/ Distillation columns etc. This is possible only by raising the pressure & the temperature of the input vapor. This product ensures that boiler usage and energy cost are minimized.

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