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What: Enery Efficient Evaportation of Effluent/ Dirty Discharge Water to Generate/Recover clean usuable water.

How: Low Temperature, Low-Pressure Thermal Evaportation.

Why: Scarcity of freshwater & its impact on society & our economy.

Cost: Low operating expenses – As low as 15 paise per liter of clean water recovered.


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Brief Description: Low-Temperature Thermal Evaporation using the principle of evaporating water at low temperature, low pressure typically around 60 Deg C. & 200 mBar (Under Vacuum) which is energy efficient.

This vapor is compressed using a Mechanical Vapour Recompressor which compresses the vapor to a higher saturation temperature. The vapor is then re-condensed in an evaporator adequately designed to recover the latent heat and re-condense this vapor to generate another unit mass of vapor from dirty water.

Indian made Innovating technology focused on SUSTAINABILITY.

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