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Our aim is to constantly learn and grow, to enhance our knowledge and product portfolio.

Engineering & Equipment Innovations group

Engineered Vacuum System for Distillation.

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Engineered Vacuum System for Oil & Gas Application.

A group focused to meet the special needs of our Industry. Consists of Experienced personnel from the background of Vacuum technology, Petrochemicals, Power, Oil & Gas, Mining and associated process industries. EEG has the capability to offer a wide variety of Vacuum systems and pumps carefully optimized and customized, to specifically meet the customer’s requirements. With the vast experience of our team in a variety of Applications, Design, Manufacturing and Execution – team EEG stands out of the crowd, where custom made solutions are demanded.

With over 100+ installation of the high vacuum pumps & systems, Mechanical Vapour Re-compressors in the domestic Market, EEG in Everest Systems aims to be a leader worldwide.

The products range from High Capacity Vacuum Pumping Systems, Mechanical Vacuum Boosters, Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps, Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps, Oil Syst Vacuum Pumps and many other. They are offered with suitable accessories to meet the process requirements of our customers.

We have a strong focus towards our OEM’s and Vice- versa, we understand their critical requirements and offer optimal tailor made solutions, satisfying their process requirements. The endeavor is to serve them with our reliable and dependable product quality.

So, should you have an application which is bothering you, we request you to drop us a message and we shall be pleased to work together and become partners in your progress.

Our aim is to constantly learn and grow, to enhance our knowledge and product portfolio.