Vertical Tri-Lobe Rotary Air Blowers

EVEREST, leading manufacturer of Roots Blowers in India, introduces the all new Vertical Tri-Lobe Roots Blowers. These blowers have been designed keeping the specific demands of the industry of compact & sturdy machine, reduced noise, minimal space requirements, least vibrations, longer bearing life & minimal maintenance, in mind. Everest blowers are produced on latest state-of-art CNC machines from USA ensuring quality product.

Complete package units are shipped with all essential accessories & electric motor, ready to install on plug & play concept. These blowers are designed for continuous duty service & require minimal maintenance. Everest Vertical Tri-Lobe Blowers come with built-in safety and monitoring equipment such as safety relief valve & pressure gauge.
Tri-Lobe technology means blowers have lobe tips exposed to 120 degrees around the rotor, instead of 180 degrees as in a bi-lobe blower. This provides a stiffer rotor set, meaning less deflection at any load. These blowers provide 100% Oil Free Air & are extensively used in Sewage Treatment Plants, Effluent Treatment Plants, Aquaculture, Chemical Plants and Electroplating Plants.


  • Quieter Operation: The Tri-Lobe rotor enables smooth air output, with less pulsations. This results in a significant reduction of emitted sound.
  • Longer Life: The smooth power cycles means less “impacting load” and results in longer bearing and unit life.
  • A convenient sight glass makes it easy to check oil levels. Drain valve is mounted in the front of the unit, hence easily accessible.
  • Direct coupled drive resulting in increased drive efficiency, reduced noise and longer service life.
  • Built-in monitoring and safety equipment such as pressure gauge and safety relief valve.
  • Anti-vibration pads absorb vibrations before they reach the floor.
  • Easily mountable suction air filter with non woven polyester media for surface and depth filtration. Mean pore size 25 microns.
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