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Vacuum Systems for Transformer Oil Filtration & Drying Processes

High vacuum systems for transformer oils Purification/ Filteration

Transformer oil purification is a process that is done to achieve optimal di-electric strength and insulating performance inside of the transformer and circuit breakers, di-electric oils must be kept absolutely clean and dry. The Di-electrical properties of oil usually vary depending upon the content of gas, moisture, suspended particles and other contaminants. Therefore it is a need to recondition and purify the oil & Everest supplies special designs of vacuum pumps and systems fitted along with heat exchangers for this application.

As these plants are usually tailored to suit the customer specifications, various OEM’s are procuring Vacuum Pumps, vacuum Boosters & even skid mounted systems from Everest depending upon their Tailored needs.

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Transformer Drying Industries

Transformer drying is a Process which incorporates all the necessary features to allow the transformer to remain in service while moisture from its insulation is effectively removed. This moisture removal is done under vacuum and Everest has been supplying various equipments like Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Boosters for effective evaporation of moisture at low temperature over the years.

Vacuum Drying is typically done in autoclaves having Small, Medium & Large Dimensions. Everest has effectively supplied various vacuum pumps and systems for autoclaves having capacities upto 15 meter length, 6 meter width & 6 meter Height. These autoclaves are structured to withstand Temperature and Vacuum cycles while maintaining the Process requirements and are available in vertical OR Horizontal Orientation.

The main purpose of vacuum system is to evacuate and thereby extract moisture from the JOB. Everest selects the vacuum system capacities depending upon the working vacuum requirement in the system. The systems supplied usually consist of:

  • Everest Seal-less design Mechanical Vacuum Boosters.
  • Backing Rotary Vane/ Piston Type Vacuum Pumps
  • Vapour Condensers of requisite sizes with cooling water provision.
  • Complete Automation along with Variable Frequency Drives, Vacuum Gauges & all other necessary instrumentation.
  • Complete Hardware like :inter-connecting piping, Flanges, Bellows, Skid & Structure etc.