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Vacuum Systems for Metallizing, Packaging & General Vacuum Applications

Vacuum Deposition is a family of process used to deposit layer of materials ATOM-BY ATOM OR Molecule By Molecule on a solid surface. These processes operate at very low pressure. When the Vapor source is a liquid or solid the process is called “Physical Vapor Deposition”. When the source is Chemical Vapor Precursor the process is called “Chemical Vapor Deposition”(CVD).

The latter as several Variants:-LPCVD, PECVD, PACVD.

Often a combination of PVD & CVD process are used in the same or Connecting Processing Chambers

For many year Everest has been supplied Mechanical Vacuum Booster as well as complete systems in the field of Vacuum Metalizing / Coating Applications.

General Vacuum Application

More than 20 Years of Experience & Everest Exhaustive Product Range & the Expertise acquired through Designing & Building of many different types of Vacuum Systems has put us in a position to design the Idle for Industrial Branch.

Everest specializes in Single Unit Production & Small lot production of Vacuum System & Module.

Our Team of Marketing, Designing, Application & Post Sales works closely with the Customer and Everest supplies factory assemble, ready to operate Vacuum System throughout the world.

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