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Technical Papers


Pressure can be measured in absolute terms or gauge. The only difference is the reference point. When we refer to absolute pressure we refer to the pressure with respect to absolute zero i.e. total vacuum. While referring to gauge pressure, atmosphere is taken as datum – zero and pressure above atmosphere is termed as gauge pressure.

Why Choose Everest?

Everest Blower System has been successfully involved in the manufacture of high quality engineered systems for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and all other process industries for may years now. We manufacture INDIGENIOUS vacuum systems, making them COST EFFECTIVE and fit for ASIAN PROCESS INDUSTRIES.

Report On Everest Vacuum Pumping System Installed In XYZ Pharma Ltd. For Replacement Of Steam Jet Ejector

-Pipelines were found to be ready but some other changes were suggested and the work started again immediately in the presence of all officials from supplier as well as users side with the cooperation of Maintenance Team.

Vacuum Pumping Systems For Waste Oil Re-Refining

Everest Dry Mechanical Vacuum Pumping Systems are now extensively being used to attain highest levels of Vacuum in various applications. Everest offers systems for complete waste oil distillation for both continuous duty & batch processes. Individual customization is done for processes such as Dehydration, Light oil cut & Lube oil cut. These systems can be designed for vacuum requirements of vacuum distillation and short path/molecular distillation.

First Ever Low Temperature Thermal Desalination Plant For Producing Potable Water By Indian Scientists

In This Article The Is Focus Primarily On The New Process Developed By Indian Scientists Known As The Process Of “Low Temperature Thermal Desalination (LTTD).