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Technical Papers

Pumping Energy

Everest Blowers has brought new range of pumps that will help Indian companies to modernize their plant. On the hand , the new range also helps saving energy.

Published In

  • Process India, May 2012

Raising Productivity With VPS

The Vacuum Pumping System (VPS) Manufactured by Everest has vastly Improved Operational efficiency in a Pharmaceutical Company in India.

Published In

  • Process India, April 2011

The First Floating Barge Mounted Low Temperature Thermal Desalination Plant By Indian Scientists

Water seems to be a superabundant natural resource on planet earth. However, only 0.3 per cent of the world’s total amount of water can be used as clean drinking water. Man requires huge amounts of drinking water every day and extracts it from nature for innumerable purposes.

Published In

  • Pumps –N- Valves, Jan-Mar 2011
  • Everything About Water –Nov 2007


Water aerated naturally by flowing over sandy or pebbly beds or rocky falls has been acclaimed by writers of all ages and countries. Only a few of these enthusiasts realized that the waters they so highly praised were clear, bright, sparkling, tasteless and odorless when they reached the streams.

Published in

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  • Purchase, Annual 2008

Vapor Recompression – Recovering Low Pressure Waste Steam

In many industrial processes, low pressure spent steam is let off into atmosphere and goes off as waste heat. Thermal separation processes such as evaporation and distillation are energy sensitive. The need for reducing energy costs led to multi-effect plants, then to thermal vapor compression and finally to use of mechanical vapor compression.

Published in

  • Pumps Valves and Systems, May-Jun 2010

Designing Vacuum Systems

A wide range of vacuum pumps available today present situations in which the user can get confused regarding their optimum selection. Some pumps can be used as ‘stand-alone’ solutions to pumping problems while others have to be used in combination along with intermediate essentials such as inter-stage condenser, traps, filters etc.

Published in

  • Environmental Pollution Control Journal, September – October 2010
  • Industry 2.0 , October 2010
  • Engineering Advances, September-October 2010
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  • Chemical Engineering World, October 2010

Optimising Vacuum To Improve Plant Performance

Published in

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Mechanical Vacuum Boosters for Solvent Recovery

“Technical Notes on Principles of Solvent Recovery and application of Vacuum Boosters to boost Solvent Recovery”

Published in

  • Purchase, August, 2003
  • Search – The Industrial Sourcebook, August, 2002
  • National Products News, September, 2002