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Technical Papers

Technical Bulletin of Everest Vacuum Boosters

Mechanical Vacuum Boosters, manufactured by EVEREST, are being extensively used in chemical process industry to boost the performance of the vacuum pumps, in low-pressure range, where conventional vacuum pumps have poorvolumetricefficiency.

Installation Recommendation Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps

ESP-H series Dry Screw Vacuum pumps are designed and manufactured to operate under the harsh environment of a chemical plant. The correct installation of the pumps will extend the service life of pumps and provide high reliability. Though the dry screw vacuum pump has been designed to operate under dry condition, it handles the liquid carry over and reduces by-product accumulation due to the short flow passage than that of dry claw pump.

O&M Everest Blowers

Everest Twin Lobe Rotary Compressors/Blowers are positive displacement units, whose pumping capacity is determined by size, operating speed and pressure conditions. It employs two Twin Lobe impellers mounted on parallel shafts, rotating in opposite direction within a casing closed at the ends by side plates. As the impellers rotate, air is drawn into one side of the casing and forced out of the opposite side against the existing pressures.

Field Service Trouble Shooting Manual

Blowers and vacuum boosters fail for a reason. The most common causes of failure include operating beyond the unit’s limits of speed, pressure, compression ratios, temperature and horsepower. Additional failure causes are from installation mistakes, and the breakdown of lubrication, improper oils, and high operating temperatures. Process conditions that either deposit material inside the blower or corrode or erode the internal parts, mechanical damage due to foreign objects (weld slag, nuts, or bolts) or non-compressibles going through the blower (sludge or a slug of water), are not uncommon causes of failure.

To Get The Most From Your Everest Blowers

Make sure proper oil levels are maintained in the gear end and grease / oil in the bearing end. Check oil level and grease every 40 hours of operation. Loss of or grease should be replenished. First oil change should be done with the first 100 operating hours and thereafter every 1000 hours or more often, if oil gets dirty.

Understanding Lobe Blowers – Roots Blowers

Compressors and Fans are essentially pumps for gases. Although they differ in construction from liquid handling machines, the principles of operations are Csimilar. Gases being compressible, a large portion of the energy of compressionis dissipated in form of heat to the gas. This limits the operation of the compressor unless suitable cooling is effected. Various gas machines can be classified depending upon their compression ratio i.e. ratio of final pressure P2 to suction pressure P1.

Everest Blowers for Aquaculture Technical Bulletin 2004-2

India holds second position in the world in Aquaculture production producing about 2 million tones per annum, yet far below from China, which holds number one position with almost 32 million tones production (source aquaculture magazine 32nd annual edition). India has a large coastal boundary and scope of growth of Aqua farming is tremendous.