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Technical Papers

Field Service Trouble Shooting Manual

Blowers and vacuum boosters fail for a reason. The most common causes of failure include operating beyond the unit’s limits of speed, pressure, compression ratios, temperature and horsepower.
Additional failure causes are from installation mistakes, and high operating temperatures.

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  • Pumps Valves and Systems, January – February 2016

Vapor Recompression to Recover Low Pressure Waste Steam

Increasing energy cost and pressures on imporoving process efficiency are forcing process engineers to minimize wasteful losses. Efforts are continually being made to minmize all such looses.

Vacuum Pumps , Common Problems and Trouble Shooting

Vacuum Pumps and Systems are one of the widely used equipment in process plants. It is very important to correctly size and select the vacuum pump as it is to lay down the right specifications. Understanding the fundamentals of vacuum as well as the system and its integration would enable the operators to deal with the day to day problems, which are inevitable.

Screw Pumps – FAQ’s

Q : What do you mean by HYBRID SCREW DESIGN? In what way it is diferent from the variable pitch screw manufactured by other Screw Pump Manufacturers?

Ans: Hybrid Screw design ofer advantages both single pitch and variable pitch. Hybrid screw was designed with two constant pitches and one variable pitch.

General Information on Coating

Electroless plating is the process of using an auto-catalytic chemical reaction to deposit a coating onto a wide range of substrates. Electroless nickel plating actually uses a solution that is a nickel phosphorous alloy and the plating solution composition can be tailored to suit a particular application.

Coating on Screw Pumps

Coating is generally highly resistant to corrosive vapours and gasses. since the pump is running under vacuum most of the end product entering the pump is in vapour form at inlet. Since there is compression happening inside the pump in some cases this vapour may get converted to liquid/ co densate. This if not flushed throughly from inside the pump at pump shutdown will crystilize/solidify inside the pump.

Efficient Vacuum Distillation 

at reduced pressures is a widely used process in the chemical industry, specially used in extraction / purification of essential oils, deodorisation of Vanaspati / Vegetable Oils and purification & drying of chemicals. The advantages of low-pressure distillation process over Atmospheric pressure distillation are as under:

Published in

  • Environmental Pollution Journal , Jan-Feb 2014
  • Process India, January 2012

Waste Lubricating Oil Purification and Recovery

It may be surprising to note that, under normal circumstances, lubricating oil cannot be easily destroyed; it only gets dirty and is easily contaminated by other solvents. This property makes it a potential pollutant that must not be allowed to get into the environment. The only option is to collect it and treat it so that its original properties are restored and thus enable its re-use. Modern lube oil has at least 8 additions blended into it so as to enhance its life and working properties.

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