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Technical Papers

To Get The Most From Your Everest Blowers

Make sure proper oil levels are maintained in the gear end and grease / oil in the bearing end. Check oil level and grease every 40 hours of operation. Loss of or grease should be replenished. First oil change should be done with the first 100 operating hours and thereafter every 1000 hours or more often, if oil gets dirty.

Everest Blowers for Aquaculture Technical Bulletin 2004-2

India holds second position in the world in Aquaculture production producing about 2 million tones per annum, yet far below from China, which holds number one position with almost 32 million tones production (source aquaculture magazine 32nd annual edition). India has a large coastal boundary and scope of growth of Aqua farming is tremendous.

Understanding Lobe Blowers – Roots Blowers

Compressors and Fans are essentially pumps for gases. Although they differ in construction from liquid handling machines, the principles of operations are Csimilar. Gases being compressible, a large portion of the energy of compressionis dissipated in form of heat to the gas. This limits the operation of the compressor unless suitable cooling is effected. Various gas machines can be classified depending upon their compression ratio i.e. ratio of final pressure P2 to suction pressure P1.

Everest Blowers In Use For Khandsari Udyog Process

Khandsari is the name give to those small scale crushing units who manufacture sugar from sugar cane. The process diagram of the manufacturing procedure is as shown in the annexure attached. The detailed manufacturing process is as follows.

Vacuum Booster For Drying Applications

Drying is a process of removal of a liquid from a solid mixture by thermal means. Under this article, we shall not consider mechanical methods, such as filtration, centrifuging, pressing, etc. of liquid removal from solids. Various drying process & techniques are extensively used in the various Process industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Food processing  ndustry, Dye & Chemical industry, Perfumes & Permitted Food additive industry etc primarily to achieve one or more of the following,

Vacuum Booster For Distillation Process

Distillation at reduced pressures is a widely used process in the chemical industry, specially used in extraction / purification of essential oils, deodorisation of Vanaspati / Vegetable Oils and purification & drying of chemicals. The advantages of low-pressure distillation process over Atmospheric pressure distillation are as under:

Everest Vacuum Booster

Mechanical vacuum boosters are dry pumps that meet most of the ideal vacuum pump requirements. They work on positive displacement principle and are used to boost the performance of water ring / oil ring / rotating vane / piston pumps and steam or water ejectors.They are used in combination with any one of the above mentioned pumps, to overcome their limitations. Vacuum boosters pumps offer very desirable characteristics, which make them the most cost effective and power efficient option.

Everest Vacuum Booster

Industrial units are facing multiple problems for survival such as in effluent water discharge. It could be very difficult to get process water abundantly as water sources are limited and it is very essential for industries to recover as much water as possible for recycling. Many industries are considering “ZERO OR NEAR ZERO LIQUID DISCHARGE.