Technical Papers

Everest Blowers has a repository of technical guides and papers that speaks about our knowledge of the products we make. You can find the details by clicking here.

First Ever Low Temperature Thermal Desalination Plant For Producing Potable Water By Indian Scientists

In This Article The Is Focus Primarily On The New Process Developed By Indian Scientists..

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Why Choose Everest?

Everest Blower System has been successfully involved in the manufacture of high quality engineered systems for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and all other

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Air Fundamentals – Tutorial 1

Pressure can be measured in absolute terms or gauge. The only difference is the reference point. When we refer to absolute pressure we refer to the pressure wit

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Industrial Effluent Treatment Process

Evaporation is a type of vaporization that occurs on the surface of a liquid as it changes into the gas phase after reaching its boiling point. At industrial sc

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Oleoresins & Curcumin Extraction From Turmeric Rhizome

Curcumin is extracted from the dried root of the rhizome Curcuma Longa (Turmeric). The process of extraction requires the raw material to be ground into powder,

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Squalene Distillation From Fish Oil

Squalane, a saturated hydrocarbon (C30H62), is obtained by hydrogenation of squalene, which have been used as cosmetics for moisturizer. At present, squalane is

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Vapor Recompression – Recovering Low Pressure Waste Steam

In many industrial processes, low pressure spent steam is let off into atmosphere and goes off as waste heat. Thermal separation processes such as evaporation a

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Water aerated naturally by flowing over sandy or pebbly beds or rocky falls has been acclaimed by writers of all ages and countries. Only a few of these enthusi

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