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Special Anti-corrosive Vacuum Systems for Harsh Processes


The pumps supplied by EVEREST in corrosive application are highly engineered product and outcome of several years of experience of both the Indian and Korean counterparts. The vacuum pumping package is made highly suitable to meet all the requirements of a chemically harsh processes like the distillation of HCL, THIONYL CHLORIDE, POCL3 and many more and in result they are running successfully at many client sites with long intervals between maintenance periods. The Dry Mechanical vacuum Systems worldwide are designed to handle the Non-condensable load with limited amount of vapour load on them & by following this phenomenon strictly, the pumps serves trouble free for decades.

Moreover, the vacuum systems provided to indsutries for handling THIONYL VAPORS comprises of all the equipment’s compatible & designed to work in acidic environment. The vacuum system designed for handling the acidic vapours comprises of following things with their advantages and MOC are as follows:-

In addition to the above said points, the vacuum system equipped with a newly engineered & designed function of controlling the temperature of screw pump by adjusting the water flow into the cooling jacket without any means of electricity or other power supply. This helps in creating the environment for optimum running under desired temperature levels depending upon the process parameters & directly benefits the life of vacuum pump by preventing the condensation inside the screw pump. As the temperature of casing of screw pump remains above the DEW POINT of the incoming vapours, hence all the vapours passes through the screw pump without condensing inside the vacuum pump. In addition to this feature, a temperature switch is also installed as addition safety feature against temperature rise.

Everest has 2 different Types of “ DRY SCREW VACUUM PUMP + BOOSTER COMBINATION “ Vacuum Systems – to serve the individual needs of each customer depending upon their process (corrosivity of the solvents) and have the under mentioned difference in their design. Please review for your reference and complete understanding :

Everest Standard Model Everest Anti-Corrosive Model
Standard Pump is with PFA coating on Ductile Iron . Anti-corrosive Pump is with a layer of Electrolysis Nickel plating done on the base metal + PFA / PEEK Coating . This ensures higher resistance to ( corrosion and abrasion)
Standard Pump with Perpendicular Discharge. This means ” Top Suction and Right Angle Discharge” Anti-corrosive design of Screw Pump comes with Vertical Discharge to discharge solvents accumulation through Gravitational force. This means “ Top Suction and Bottom Discharge)
Standard Pump has normal Lubricating oil ( Shell Omala ) for gears and bearings . Anti-Corrosive Pump we use special ” Fomblin / Synthetic Oils ” for ensuring longer resistance and higher process temperatures.
Temp . Controlling Valve – not supplied as a part of the standard accessories . A TCV is Supplied along with the Pump , to ensure “ HOT PUMPING” of the solvent vapors thru the same. This Is not allowing any corrosive solvent vapors to Liquefy inside the pump and pass thru the pump in vapor form.
Mechanical Seal MOC Used is “ SS +TC “ and face of carbon . MOC of Mechanical Seal is Hast Alloy for better resistance to corrosive solvents.
Best suited Upto PH level of 3-4 or Above Best Suited for PH level below 2.
Standard Vacuum Booster with CI Internals. Anti-corrosive design of Vacuum Booster with PFA Coating.
Standard Piping in SS-304 MOC Anti-corrosive Piping with SS-316+ PFA Lining.
Standard design without Temperature Controlling. Anti-corrosive design with control of Temperature to Run Pump HOT with the help of TCV at Pump.
Standard SS Valves i.e. NRV and Drain Valves SS-316 Valves for Drain and PTFE Lined NRV at suction of Pump.
Standard Systems with Nitrogen Purge, Flush and Solvent Flushing System. Anti-corrosive system with additional feature of Gas Ballaster to maintain internal compatibility of the pump with other same as standard system.

EVEREST : is the only supplier in this category to supply all the above features in the form of a complete “ Anti-Corrosive System “ . This has been done after in depth R&D within India as well as based on the feedback and inputs of our Over Seas Suppliers.

Moreover, the additional supportive automation provided like solvent flushing, Nitrogen inlet purging & Nitrogen seal purging adds benefit into running of vacuum system.

  • Solvent Flushing
    Cleans the pumps from every remaining process particle, if any.

  • Nitrogen seal purging
    Shielding on mechanical seals, creates inert environment around mechanical seal, additional safety feature for mechanical seal.

  • Nitrogen Inlet Purge
    Helps in solvent flushing by breaking vacuum, hence preventing the phase change of solvent being used for solvent flushing.

  • Warm Up & Warm Down features
    Warm Up & Warm Down are the two advantages that EVEREST is including into its automation. During the batch start period, the screw pump will run dry on blank-off condition for 10-15 minutes to achieve hot pumping during start up. Warm Down ensures the complete dryness of internals of vacuum pump after completion of batch.

The Automation and Interlocks provided are highly reliable and efficient in those harsh processes.

The assistance & practical knowledge of highly trained commissioning team of EVEREST is very well known to such processes.

For your reference, please find the attached compatibility charts for various materials with Thionyl chloride Vapours.