Rental Services

We are now(2019) planning to enter the Rental business in an organized fashion due to the following reasons :

Rental Services

Everest blowers has been selling Blowers and Compressors in the industry for over 40 years and have given our blowers for rentals in various areas. Everest Blowers provide rental machines due to the following reasons.


Existing system has been in operations for a long time and is now under breakdown. Need Compressed air and hence rent a Blower.

Supplemental needs

For a given time of the year ( a couple of months/annum in an ETP/STP etc.) the customer finds need for more compressed air and it doesn’t make sense for them to purchase a new machine – Rental Blowers can come in handy.


A plant wants to test out an idea or a new process and they want to check what would happen if they had more or less Air , if their existing units are not working on VFD’s and want to test.

New Equipment Lead time

In some cases we have observed where plants have forgot to order the new equipment or project is delayed and they need Blower immediately to provide air.

Alternative to Compressors

In various industries , customers are using compressors to meet their air requirements there by incurring high capital , running and maintenance costs. Some of these can easily be replaced with PD blowers . This can be witnessed thru “TRY BEFORE YOU BUY” activity.

Size of Market

as Everest Blowers is the First company in India with this idea of “Blowers on Wheel’s” . We estimate this market to be upwards of INR 15Crores by 2021.

Differentiating factor

We can deliver the most efficient solution for clients specific needs of compressed air for their Aeration systems – due to having vast variety of Blowers in our range of supply under the Rental’s Vertical.

Energy Saving

we have observed in many of the existing plants ( ETP/STP) , most of the customers are burning power/fuel due to their use of high power alternatives. We have better solutions that you can “Test before you Buy”.

Size of the machines

As they are pretty Big machines and come packed with optional Acoustic Hoods , all our rental machines are built to withstand extreme parameters in terms of Diff. Pressure , Temperatures and can also have on-board VFD’s for specific requirements.

How does customer connect

as you need the Blower along with the pipelines, silencers , NRV’s, PRV’s , Bellow etc. our rental blowers come packed as complete set . Customers just need to connect with their piping and take the line to diffusors for machine to be switched on and start running.


We have over 10 models ( covering the range of Air flow from 20m3/hr to 7500m3/hr) in single stage – of Blowers packed with accessories ready to be connected with the customers systems. Once the contract is established , we can ship the machine out in no time to reach customer.

Supervision of Erection and Commissioning

Everest will send out it’s team of experts who will supervise the erection and commissioning of the system and be close to the customer for trainings etc. as well – to ensure smooth running .