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Oil Syst Pumps

Everest is one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of vacuum pumping systems. These systems comprises of Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps, Mechanical vacuum boosters, Reciprocating pumps, Liquid Ring Pumps etc. In its latest development, Everest introduces Oil Syst Vacuum Pump with sealing fluid as oil for applications requiring high level of vacuum with minimum running cost. This is a highly engineered product with lots of research & development for years with in its back. With the experience acquired through decades of engineering, research, continual investments in the latest technological advanced machinery and mechanical know – how, Everest’s product is today synchronous with high quality, high efficiency, robust construction & maximum reliability.



    OIL SYST basically composes of the following components:

  • Oil Syst vacuum pump with motor.
  • Air liquid separator to vent air free of oil “smoke” or fumes.
  • Centrifugal pump.
  • Heat exchanger specially designed for optimum performance.
  • Pressure relief valve to release the excess pressure developed, if any.
  • Flow meter to monitor the required flow.
  • Temp & pressure gauges to monitor the readings.
  • Non return valve at the suction of the system to prevent back streaming of oil.

Features of OILSYST:-

  • Complete Vacuum Package Self-Cooled With Full Recycle Of Oil
  • Vented Air Free Of Oil “Smoke” Or Fumes
  • Capacity To Handle Gases With Suspended Particles
  • Low Noise Level And Low Vibration
  • Shut-Off Vacuum <5 Mbar. However with Mechanical Vacuum Boosters we can achieve a vacuum <1 Mbar.
  • Turn Key And Compact Packages
  • Custom Adaptation To Meet Specific Installation And Requirements
  • Rugged Construction With Maximum Dependability
  • Maintenance Requirements Minimised