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Everest Blowers Offering a Wide Range of Blower

Everest started manufacturing Twin Lobe Rotary Air Blowers way back in 1980. Over the years the company has expanded its technological base, bringing a wide range of products.

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  • Purchase, October 2009

Industrial Growth Poised to Leap Forward

Bahadurgarh, on of the upcountry areas, rings bell now. Given easy connectivity from Delhi and cheaper land rates, as low as Rs 10,000 – Rs 14,000 per square yard, many industrialists have started their factories in this area.

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  • The Economic Times, 19 November 2010

“Current Demand Patterns Suggest Tremendous Growth Potential For Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries”

Everest has been a regular exhibitor in this exhibition and out past experiences have been good. Our core business comes from two main sectors namely water and vacuum.

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  • This newsletter is published by Infomedia 18, October 2010

Future Looks Bright for Indian Industry

“India ia an emerging market with a high growth potential which can be witnessed and experienced in different fields. The food and pharmaceutical industries lay a very vital role in this growth and have tremendous potential as we are still far below the International Standards”

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  • OEM, July 2010

Budget 2010

March, 2010
In your opinion, has the Budget 2010 met the aspirations of “Emerging India”?

The finance minister has demonstrated great rationality and responsibility while spending taxpayer’ valuable money. India’s budget propels growth and lays a foundation for the country to attract the investment needed, spur innovation and drive inclusive growth for all its citizens.

Large investments needed for infrastructure to grow

Infrastructure in Indian is gaining importance and number of public Private Partnership (PPPs,)

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  • B2B Purchase, October 2011

Increased competitiveness should attract additional investment in technology

Daksh Malhotra is Marketing Director of Everest Group. A mechanical engineer, he has gained immense expertise in vacuum engineering from IIT, Kharagpur. In a conversation with Prasenjit Chakraborty, he shares his views on the importance of sustainable development.

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  • Chemical World, May 2011

Customer trust us with repeat order

Everest Group has been empowering industrial process by playing the role of a radical innovator for over three decades. The company has easily moved ahead of competition by focusing on green technologies and has carved a niche for itself in the roots blowers, boosters & vacuum systems space. Amit Kapur, Director, Everest Group, in an interview with engineering Advances, Shares the company’s growth formula and strategies to stay ahead of the curve

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  • Engineering Advances – March – April 2011