Heli Hybrid (Helical series)

High Speed Centrifugal Blowers and Air Knife Systems are the most professional air knife drying systems
designed to meet specific application needs while maximizing energy efficiency and lowering operational cost.


  • Innovative and revolutionary PD Blower design
  • Higher flow rate compared to straight lobe blowers 12 to 15% for same RPM & Delta Pressure
  • Reduction in power 8 to 12% for the same capacity
  • Considerable reduction in vibrations compared to straight lobe machines, which results in reducing the stresses on discharge pipeline & base frame

  • Reduce noise level up to 3-8 dBA
  • Dual oil splash lubrication
  • Anti-friction bearings
  • Ground & Hardened taper timing gears
  • Heavy duty design for reduced to down time
  • Advanced oil/air seals for reliable air delivery
  • Designed for dusty, abrasive environments
  • Decades of proven results