A Veteran Manufacturer Of Industrial Blowers And Vacuum Pumps

Industrial blowers and vacuum pumps are some of the trendsetting innovations widely used by various industries. Whilst an industrial blower is used to ensure the constant flow of larger volumes of air throughout a concourse, vacuum pumps, on the other hand, are used for removing air or gas particles from a particular area or container… Continue reading A Veteran Manufacturer Of Industrial Blowers And Vacuum Pumps

EVEREST BLOWERS and SPARES can soon be purchased On-Line.

Everest Blowers is soon coming up with a fully integrated module where its customers can buy Fast Moving Blower models ( in the capacity range of 10-350 m3/hr ) – Typical Motor sizing between ( 0.7 -7.5KW) working at differential pressure range of ( 1000mmWc to 8000mmWc) on a fully integrated e-commerce platform which will… Continue reading EVEREST BLOWERS and SPARES can soon be purchased On-Line.

Mr. Rajesh Malhotra Managing Director Everest Blowers Pvt Ltd

The current economic indicators India as a robust fast-growing economy project a very encouraging image of with least risk.

Choose the Right Type of Vacuum Pump

The need to operate under Vacuum is wide spread throughout the Chemical Process Industries (CPI). Distillation, Drying, Flash Cooling and Evaporation, Stripping, Freeze Drying, Impregnation etc. are some among the unit operations processes that frequently take place at less than atmospheric pressure.

Everest Take on Growing Indian Market .

Vacuum industry in India is still in its infancy stage. There are very limited indigenous manufacturers offering products & services to global standards. This has created a market for foreign players and large quantum of advanced vacuum pumps, gauges & allied accessories are being imported.

National Awards-2013 Quality Products in Micro & Small Enterprises (MSMEs)

Shri. Dhruv Malhotra, Managing Director fo M/s Everest Blowers Pvt.Ltd., Bahadurgarh, Jhajjar, established the enterprise in 1997 for the manufacturing for various type of Pumps like Mecanical Vaccum.

Everest Transmission Blower & Vacuum Boosters

Delhi Based ISO:9001:2000 Certified Everest Transmission manufacturer & exports Blower & Vacuum Boosters. The Wide range includes Air Cooled Blowers, Water Cooled Blowers, Gas Blowers, Mechanical Vacuum Boosters, Dry Vane Pumps, Acoustic Hoods & allied accessories.

Everest Transmission Poised to Capture International Markets

Everest, Pioneers in boosters and blowers, is India’s largest manufacturer of Twin Lobe Rotary Air Blowers and Mechanical Vacuum Boosters.

Everest Blowers Offering a Wide Range of Blower

Industrial Growth Poised to Leap Forward

Bahadurgarh, on of the upcountry areas, rings bell now. Given easy connectivity from Delhi and cheaper land rates, as low as Rs 10,000 – Rs 14,000 per square yard, many industrialists have started their factories in this area.