Acoustic Enclosures | Hoods

EVEREST,leading manufacturer of Roots Blowers introduces acoustic enclosures for blowers. Everest acoustic enclosures are one of the most effective means for containment of excessive noise and for the insulation of the workers from the noise. Even where silencers are used, they can only treat the air borne noise. The treatment of the mechanical noise from the blower, motor, etc. is beyond the scope of silencers. Thus, in order to achieve low noise levels, that are often statutory requirements, Noise Enclosures / Acoustic Hoods are required.
Everest sound reduction enclosures have been designed for effective noise reduction of blowers placed inside. Everest’s economical design provides noise reduction of 12-25 dB(A) bringing down the total noise emitted to safe acceptable limits.


  • Noise Control Noise level reduction to the tune of 25-30% is achieved
  • Mobility The enclosures can be easily shifted or transported
  • Ease of Maintenance Adequate space is available inside the canopy for easy maintenance
  • Elimination of Civil Work Enclosures are suitable for open installation and hence require no separate building or shed.


  • Design The sound reduction enclosures are specially designed to reduce noise pollution to suit the local environment. These are engineered to take care of air intake & outlet, resulting in a pleasing & attractive design
  • Construction The robust body work of sound reduction enclosures is due to its construction from preformed heavy gauge sheet steel section and its reinforcement with fabricated superstructure. Rubber gaskets are provided to all doors and external joints to resist weathering. The bolted superstructure provides easy removal of panels for maintenance or servicing of blowers.
  • Air Circulation Sufficient cooling air inlet acoustic louvers and exhaust fans are provided in the enclosure for efficient air circulation avoiding derating of the machine.
  • Installation The sound reduction enclosures are preassembled on a support frame and can be easily & quickly assembled at site.