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Everest Blowers started manufacturing Twin Lobe Rotary Air Blowers (Positive Displacement) way back in 1980. With over 4 decades of strong industrial experience , the company had extended its technological base as well as manufacturing setup , bringing a wide variety of products covering your entire requirement of “Low Pressure Compressed Air” under one roof.

The product range of includes:

  • Twin & Tri Lobe Roots Blowers (Positive Displacement).
  • Heli-Hybrid ® range of Helical Blowers for Energy Efficiency and Low noise..
  • Gear-Less Turbo Blowers (Air Bearing Design).
  • Integrally Geared Turbo Blowers for high volume and Differential pressure requirement.

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250+ Employees are a part of Everest team
650+ Blowers are manufactured per month
1100 Units per month is our manufacturing capacity
38 Countries are our present customers with direct and indirect installations
150K Roots Blowers and Packages are successfully installed

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Our Manufacturing

At Everest Blowers, we understand the importance of TQM, 5S , 6 Sigma and various other means of improving and maintaining product quality. With best in class, absolutely new – mother machinery (from Haas – USA , Mazak – Japan, Doosan – South Korea & HMT – India ) over 20 Nos.,Balancing Machines, CMM, Tool Pre-setter among others, over 12 dedicated Testing Lines with capacity upto 600HP , Land Area of over 14,000 Sq. Mtrs., Daily Assembly of over 45 Blowers/Day & an equally robust Dispatch setup , we Everest Blowers have made a mark in the industry for excellent workmanship. It has earned us the trust of our customers and made us into an institution to last beyond any individual. Read More

Our Technology

Everest Blowers is the only company in our segment to have a DSIR approved R&D lab and a team of over 10 people dedicated towards R&D , Design Improvement & New Product Development. This has made our technology so flexible, we can costume manufacture any type of Blowers with complex MOC’s, Tailored Packages to meet the needs of our customers. Under the leadership of our young CEO – we implemented ERP in 2016 . We also have a separate Cloud based CRM (for Sales and Service) + various other modes of AI & Digital platforms for our employees and customers. Chat Bot on our website is an example of the same.

Using these platforms for Inter-Connection (IOT) is also well understood and a continuously on going activity.
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Give back to society

Everest Blowers with its long legacy, deep rooted values and family leadership vouch to give back to society by direct and in-direct ways – be it by generating employment, supporting small businesses, Plant a tree drive, and use of clean energy & minimize pollution. A dedicated team set up for the foundation work under "CSR" focuses on "Girl Education & Health Care" as prime agendas for our growing nation – INDIA. Read More
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